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Tips for First Time Car Buyers

Buying your first car is an incredible milestone. As an important step into adulthood, all of us here at Kia of East Syracuse work hard to ensure that the process of buying your first car is simple and enjoyable. We’re always honored when you allow us to be part of this memorable moment in your life. When you visit our lot in the East Syracuse area, there are a few things that it’s helpful to have figured out.

What do you need in a car?

This is where you can think of your plans for the next few years. While it’s impossible to know the future, if you plan to keep the car for a while, you’ll need to know what you will want in a car as your life changes. Commuting for a job? Starting a new hobby? Taking road trips? Ask our experts about fuel efficiency, space, and more to figure out what vehicle will meet your needs for the long haul.

What’s your budget?

Research the cars that you want and make sure to consider the price of the vehicle, including accommodations for insurance and maintenance costs. Ensuring the vehicle fits into your budget is important as making timely car payments will affect your credit. When looking at your monthly expenses, figure out what monthly payments will work for you and our staff will help you determine a vehicle that fits your needs in that price range.

Do you want new or used?

Once you know your budget, you can use that to determine if you would like to purchase a new or used car. If you’re also budgeting for college or another big investment, it might be better for you to buy used. If the latest model or a vehicle with low mileage is important, new might be the way to go. Here at Kia of East Syracuse, we have a huge selection of new and used inventory, and we will work with you to figure out your best option.

If you’re ready to learn more, give us a call at 315-701-5898 to get started. We can’t wait to meet you and start the process of purchasing your first car!
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