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Summer Service Tips for Your Kia

As temperatures warm up in East Syracuse, it’s extra important to keep an eye on your vehicle. Heat can be hard on your car, so regular maintenance is key! Here are some summer service tips for your Kia.

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Watch Your Fluid Levels

Getting your fluids checked and topped off is even more important in the summer months. Fluids such as oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid and more are essential to the health of your vehicle. Summer weather can cause them to lower quicker than they would in cooler temperatures.

Keep an Eye on Your Tires

Changes in temperature affect your tires. Make sure they’re properly inflated to ensure that you’re driving as efficiently and safely as possible. Our service experts are ready to inspect your tires and make any recommendations.

Check Your Belts and Hoses

A loose or worn belt puts your engine at risk for overheating. Of course, this is even more likely to happen when the temperatures outside are high. On the flip side, heat can damage your belts and hoses so it’s important to have them inspected.

Get an Air Conditioner Inspection

You don’t want to find out your air conditioner is not up to par on the hottest day of the year. We recommend having your AC looked at before the hottest days of the summer hit, even if you aren’t experiencing problems.

Schedule service with the helpful staff at Kia of East Syracuse today! We’ll make sure your vehicle is in great shape for the summer months. If you have any questions, call 315-701-5898.