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New Year Service Tips

New Year Service Tips

The New Year is a great time to consider what service your vehicle may need. Here at Kia of East Syracuse, we’re ready to help you with all your car’s maintenance needs. We hope you’ll resolve to take great care of your vehicle in 2018, and we’re here to help you make that resolution a reality.


Mid-Winter Service

The beginning of the year is a great time to get your car checked out since it’s halfway through the coldest time of the year. Your vehicle can really take a beating out in the cold weather, snow, and ice. We’ll check everything from your tires to your fluids to your heating system. Even things that seem inconsequential, like your windshield wipers, should be inspected and possibly replaced. All of this service will ensure that your car will make it through the winter and that you won’t have big repair costs come spring


Continue the Habit through the Year

Once you get your car inspected and serviced at the beginning of the year, carry your motivation throughout the year, keeping on a set schedule for oil changes and inspections. We’ll help you determine how often you should bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance based on your vehicle type and driving habits. We make sure that our technicians work efficiently so that bringing your car in for routine maintenance is simple.


Don’t Let Small Problems Get Bigger

If you’ve noticed something is a little off about your vehicle, get it inspected as soon as possible this year. Catching issues early can keep you from incurring big costs down the line or an untimely breakdown when you least expect it. At Kia of East Syracuse’s service department, we want to keep your vehicle running for as long as possible. That means, we need you to let us know when something doesn’t’ seem quite right.

To schedule your New Year’s service, call 315-701-5898 or fill out our online form.